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Moshe Mash, Ph.D.

Robotics Institute

School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Reliable Autonomous Systems Lab at the Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute. My advisors are Prof. Reid Simmons and Prof. Stephanie Rosenthal.

I possess a Ph.D. from the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University, which was supervised by Prof. Kobi Gal of the AI and Data Science Lab.


I also possess an M.Sc. from the Department of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University, which was supervised by Prof. David Sarne of the Intelligent Information Agents Group (IIA).

Research interests:



My research examines the manner in which solutions are inferred, as well as the manner of thought and methods experts apply in the solution of various problems. It should be noted that my objective is the inference of a manner of thought rather than an explicit method for solving a particular problem. A specific domain which I am interested these days is the approaches and decisions of data-scientists when they analyze data and develop predictive models.

Another area of research I am concerned with focuses on domains in which people are required to cooperate and negotiate with respect to the use of various resources with an emphasis on the development of real-world algorithms (e.g. profit-sharing in inter-company cooperation settings, room allocation and rent-sharing among housemates, the formation of government coalitions, etc.) that are concerned with the issue of the “human in the loop”.

More specifically, this research combines theoretical game theory solution concepts with machine learning techniques for predicting human behaviors. In addition, I develop intelligent agents that maximize revenues in various domains. Furthermore -- and importantly -- both are carried out with a particular emphasis on (human) user satisfaction with the algorithms' outcomes. 

Teaching Experience:

I was a teaching assistant and professor in various computer science courses (see the list of courses in the teaching page)

Industrial Experience:

I developed a Machine-Learning model for the automated prediction of citations in Talmudic texts and their classification into genres for the DICTA Center for the Analysis of Hebrew Texts.

I also worked as a Data Scientist at Diagnostic Robotics - a provider of an AI solutions in the healthcare domain that counts governments, healthcare service providers, insurance companies, and patients among its clients. More specifically, the company develops predictive models in various healthcare sub-domains such as differential ER (emergency room) diagnoses, hospitalization, treatment of chest pains and more.

The company was founded by three leading Israeli computer scientists and

engineers: Dr. Kira Radinsky, Prof. Moshe Shoham, and Jonathan Amir

Another notable position I held was that of an artificial intelligence researcher at Amdocs, a leading developer of software for telecommunication providers with clients around the globe, where I developed a churn-prediction machine-learning algorithm which identifies and predicts at-risk maintenance contracts (contracts which are at risk of not being renewed by the customer).

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